Blau Abogados Practice Areas

Our independent solicitors at Blau Abogados y Asesores, S.L.P. are a diverse group that is highly experienced in many legal areas. See how we can help you

Real Estate Law

Expatriates and investors seeking to purchase real estate in Spain should know the legislation, or hire someone who does. The real estate market in Spain has changed quite drastically over the last few years. Our solicitors at Blau Abogados provide complete property conveyance services. This includes off-plan properties, residential and vacation rentals, all types of real estate and land investments, building defects, evictions, and more.

Corporate Law

Our solicitors are highly experienced in banking law, civil procedures, litigation, bankruptcy, joint ventures, mergers and acquisitions, restructurings and all matters related to doing business in Spain. We provide legal advice and guidance on all types of corporate transactions, including transactions with cross-border properties. We can also help set up of branches and subsidiaries in Spain, or assist with a full relocation to Spain.

Tax Law

Recently, Spain has become a very popular destination for non-residents to relocate. Understanding the numerous different taxes in Spain is paramount for expats. The Spanish government is continually changing its tax rules; often affecting non-residents holding assets abroad.

Blau Abogados specializes in Tax Law in Spain, and assures you that you will be given the complete and sound tax advice.

Urban Planning Law

The lawyers at Blau Abogados are highly experienced in all matters of Urban Planning Law. If you are a developer or contractor in the public sector you need a legal team by your side. Because the national government has relinquished to regional governments all jurisdictions over regional and local development proposals, many situations arise when submitting local development plans. We are experts in expropriation, claims, fines and all the complexities within the public sector in Spain.

Wills & Inheritance

At Blau Abogados we are qualified to handle all disputes with wills and inheritance, capital gains, as well as taxes involved with large gifts. We will help you through the complexities of asset protection, Power of Attorney, probate and estate administration, tax planning and the writing of your will.

With our help you can rest assured that your estate is taken care of when you pass away.

International Divorce

A divorce can often become a very messy situation when trying to sort out children and assets. This becomes even more complex when dealing with expatriates parties or assets. The lawyers at Blau Abogados will help you through every facet of an international divorce, including filing the divorce petition and assisting both parties with the division of assets.