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About Our Law Firm

We help non-residents and foreign buyers with the legal process to purchase or sell properties in Spain offering 360º advice that involves all legal aspects from contracts to taxes, residencies, Nie, padron

Blau Solicitors is different as our registered lawyers are also experts in litigation both at the real estate level, contractual breaches and construction defects, and at the tax level in everything related to national and international taxation.

Our combined expertise in conveyance and litigation allows us to analyze matters from a more complete perspective by anticipating risk, solving problems and offering comprehensive advice from a very deep and professional perspective.

Property law & Real Estate litigation specialists

We are a law firm specializing in REAL ESTATE LAW and we are helping non-residents purchasing or selling properties in Spain since 2010.

We count on a highly experienced and enthusiastic team of lawyers focused on making the buying or selling process as simple as possible. We are conveyancing & litigation experts.

Our independent and registered team of lawyers knows very well the difficulties you can find when purchasing a real estate asset outside your home country and they will help you and assist you kindly fast and efficiently.

We ensure that our wide knowledge and expertise on conveyance matters, will help you minimize the legal hassle and speed up the buying or selling process.


Our Experts



Tomás is a highly experienced solicitor that has always been involved in the real estate sector. He has extensive experience in urban planning, construction and administrative law. Tomás advises on real estate operations and asset management investments in Spain.

Tomás has a Law and Journalism Degree, with a Masters in International Law, Masters in Business, and a Masters in Taxation. He is a Registered Lawyerlicense number 1,407 from the Law Society of Orihuela.




Sandra is an economist, specializing in accounting and taxes. She manages both Resident and Non-Resident Taxes, including rental incomes, wealth tax, corporate tax and SUMA. Experienced in tax and accounting for both individuals and companies.

She also handle efficiently in international administrative procedures such us residences, padron, NIE registration. 

Sandra has a Business Administration Degree, with a master in European Financial Advisor.




Jorge is an specialist lawyer in administrative and civil law. He is fluent in trials and is a really expert in litigation procedures.

Before joining the firm, he developed his professional work as a lawyer in the legal deparment of the Alicante City Council.

He graduated in Law from the UMH of Elche and has a Law Master’s Degree. He is a Registered Lawyer, licence number 8,530 from Alicante Law Bar Association.

Jorge is in charge of the litigation department of our firm.




Laura is an specialist lawyer in expats and conveyance. She is a lawyer very committed to human rights and ESG. It should be noted her intense social work doing legal advice at the “Legal Clinic for Social Justice” from Valencia University.

She provides legal advice service for expats and women rights in Pego City Council through our firm Blau Lawyers.

She graduated in Law from Alicante University and Oberta de Catalunya University, she also studied a Law Master’s Degree.


Fabian Kesseli 

German Desk

Fabian is an expert on international law, he handles efficiently intrenational litigation procedures both inside and outside European Union as before joining the firm he worked for serveral Spanish and Swiss Law firms. He also represents many clients when selling or buying in Spain, mostly from Germany and Switzerland. 

Fabian is member of the German-Hispanic Association of Jurists and was the President of the Rojales Swiss Club.

Fabian is a Spanish – Swiss Solicitor. Registered Lawyer, license number 1,585 from the Law Society of Orihuela.



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